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Quality 1st Pest Solutions was founded in 2007 by Dave McMullan with 28 years experience as a pest solutions expert in 3 states. Our family owned company was established because we wanted to provide service that was beyond what we had seen and experienced in the industry. Our goal at Quality 1st Pest Solutions is to ensure that you receive the highest quality pest control services available. We offer different service plans customized to fit your schedule and needs. We are always willing to go the extra mile to achieve your satisfaction regardless of the time and work it may take. We continue to operate as a family owned and operated business providing all of the customer service you would expect from a community friend and neighbor.

You benefit from our knowledge regarding the biology of pests

Quality 1st Pest Solutions can protect you and your family against the pests which threaten your home. We understand the biology of pests. We know how they enter your home and business. We know the conditions which favor their survival, and we know what harm they can cause. We have almost 30 years of experience, and our service technicians are licensed and insured. All Quality 1st Pest technicians are well trained, courteous and professional. Our membership in the Washington Pest Management Association, and the National Pest Management Association enables us to stay abreast of the latest technology for dealing with pests. Thus providing you with the best service.

No matter the pest problem, residential or commercial, large or small, Quality 1st Pest Solutions is only a call away: 253-226-2206.

Our pest elimination and pest prevention programs involve combinations of the latest non-chemical and application measures in an approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The details of our IPM program vary from home to home, depending on such factors as type of construction, the standard of maintenance, the type and proximity of shrubs and trees and the type of pests. Regarding the materials, we have selected for our home protection service only those products which have been developed especially for use in and around buildings and which are specifically approved for use in homes. These products are not only effective, but they have an excellent record of safety to users, to the occupants of homes, and the environment in general.

Quality 1st Pest Solutions works for a common goal…to provide a service that says we care.

We care about you, our customer We look forward to serving your pest control needs. Our reputation is your guarantee of the most efficient pest control services available.


We are members of our local and national associations to stay on top of the latest information

Member of the National Pest Management AssociationMember of the Washington State Pest Management Association


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