Pest Control in Bonney Lake, WA

Tell The Pests They’re not Welcome in your Home. Partner with the best pest control in Bonney Lake, WA.

Quality 1st Pest Solutions has been in the area since 2007, dedicated to taking care of any varmint, insect, or other pests that is terrorizing your home. These critters can be an annoyance and do long-term, dangerous damage to your home and family. Don’t let them get in. If they’ve already made their way in, call us and we’ll give them a quick and decisive eviction notice.

As a Family-Owned Business, we decided to open up shop because we enjoy the lifestyle this area provides, and want the rodents and pests to stay in the wild where they belong.


We Know How and Where They Hide


Working with us for your pest control in Bonney Lake is the way to go because we’ve seen so much and know so much about each pest that inhabits the area. We know them right down to their biological tendencies. This includes knowing which conditions are favorable for their survival, where they’ll be found in your home, and the harm they can cause.


All Quality 1st Pest technicians are well trained, courteous and professional. Our membership in the Washington Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association enables us to stay abreast of the latest technology for dealing with pests. Thus providing you with the best service.

You can reach us 7 days a week and we’ll quickly respond to your issue. Our staff is large enough and works hard to get your pest problem out of the way as soon as possible. Call us and you’ll receive

  • Practical and effective solutions to every issue imaginable
  • Prompt servicing of entire neighborhoods if you and your neighbors need to keep the community.
  • A Team that’s Committed and easily referable.

For the best pest control in Bonney Lake, WA made simple, call Quality 1st Pest Solutions at 253-226-2206 today!

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