Pest Control in Bonney Lake, WA

Have the rats, mice, insects, and other lurking creatures rudely made themselves at home as your invited guests? Let us take care of what’s bugging you! We do this so effectively that rats fear us and insects know our name. Simply put, we’ve got all the best solutions to solve this problem in Bonney Lake, WA


We’re available any time you have a pest emergency or need a part of your property checked out! You can reach us 7 days a week and we’ll quickly respond to your issue. Our large staff is dedicated to clearing all the pests, varmints, rodents, and insects we can. We work hard to get your pest problem out of the way as soon as possible using practical and effective solutions. 


Just what areas can we clear out for you?

    • Single Family Homes
    • Condominiums & Apartments
    • Government Buildings & Property Management
    • Grocery Stores & Restaurants
    • Hospitals & Elder Care Facilities
    • Schools – Professional Buildings
    • Manufacturing Plants & Warehouses
    • Industrial Facilities


The damage caused in these areas can be extremely costly and irritating to deal with once the pests have destroyed what they want to in order to make themselves comfortable. We have preventative services that ensure this damage doesn’t occur. Once rats, mice, and other rodents get in, they immediately seek out food and water sources, as well as places to have babies. The damage and frustration of the occurrence can last for months! Stop it before it happens!


If you’d like to continue having a good night rest and the ability to enjoy YOUR living space, instead of letting the critters make themselves comfy under floors or inside walls, vents, and roof spaces, make sure to book an appointment today to see how our services can help. 

Our staff is on call and ready to help at a moment’s notice. Keeping the homes of Bonney Lake pest free with our services is our main goal! Give us a call at (253) 285-8601.


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