Pantry Pests

December 5, 2019

Pantry Pests include beetles, weevils and moths. They often infest grain products, seeds, nuts, bird seed, dried dog food and cereals. The most commonly found pantry pest is the Indian Meal Moth. These moths wingspan measures about 5/8″ with the outer one half of the wing reddish or copper colored. The key to any pantry pest treatment is to identify all of the infested food sources. This can be difficult due to the wide variety of foods these insects will attack. The combination of chemical treating and pheromone trapping is essential for success in moth infestation elimination.

Indian Meal Moths

Indian Meal Moths have become one of the most common grain-infesting insects. They infest a broad range of stored food products and whole grains, and become a problem in homes as well as businesses including warehouses, grocery & pet-food stores, seed companies, grain mills, etc., etc. Their larvae feed on a wide variety of foods such as bird seed and pet food, dried fruits, powdered milk, flour & cornmeal, raisins, prunes, nuts, chocolate, candies, pastas, spices and many others. Indianmeal moths fly mostly at night and they’re attracted to lights.

Tip: Purchase seldom-used foods in small quantities & check package dates to ensure freshness.

Saw toothed Grain Beetles

Saw toothed Grain Beetles, as well as (cousin) merchant grain beetles, are tiny reddish-brown beetles about ⅛ long or less. They’re slender and flat with six teeth-like projections on each side of their thorax. These beetles attack almost any dry food (in opened or unopened boxes or containers). They’re most often found in cereal products such as flour, cake mix, cornmeal and macaroni products, as well as other items such as bread, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate and dry pet food.

Tip: Best to buy small packages of infrequently used dry products or store packages in the freezer.

Flour Beetles

Flour Beetles are small, reddish-brown insects about ⅛ long. The Confused flour beetle is most common and abundant. Red flour beetles look very similar. These pests commonly infest flour mills, warehouses and grocery stores, as well as homes. They feed on flour, cake mix, cornmeal, crackers, dry pet food and other foods such as dried fruits, nuts and seeds (such as bird seed).

Tip: Check both opened and unopened boxes or containers of potentially infested products. Vacuum out cracks & crevices, then dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag to help prevent reinfestation.

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