Tips for Pest Proofing Your Home

December 6, 2019

Almost all pest and rodent infestations begin outside buildings. Pests enter through holes and cracks in the home’s exterior. How a home is constructed can greatly affect which pest problems you experience. Here are some tips for “pest-proofing” your house.

-Reduce shelters such as piles of bricks or lumber and leaf litter.

-Keep ground cover at least 18″ from the home’s foundation.

-Trim trees and shrubs so they do not touch the home.

-Use yellow “bug lights” to attract fewer insects.

-Ventilate the spaces under decks and sheds.

-Don’t keep pet food outside on patios or decks.

-Keep pets either in or out. Dogs and cats that run in and out are more likely to carry fleas into the house.

-Keep gutters unclogged and repair any areas that get poor drainage.

-Ventilate the attic and basement crawlspace to minimize excess moisture and humidity.

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